Our Annual Spring Show will open Saturday April 1, 11am
Reception Saturday April 1, 2 - 5pm

Gallery Hours: 
Wednesday - Sunday, April 1 to April 30 - 11am - 4pm

Participating Artists This Show:

Jacqui Beck, Joan Enslin,
  Kent Nordby, Cynthia Richardson,
Coizie Bettinger,  Brooke Borcherding, 
Dedrian Clark, Kathleen Ritz,
  Robert Gigliotti, Susan M. Spar
Ria Harboe, Maggi Mason,
Suzanne Powers, Nancy Crowell, 
Sharon Stapleton,  Margaret Arnett,
  Christine Troyer, Charlene Hall,
  Ellen Dale, Mimi Ortiz,
Karen Bakke, Mary Quintrall,
 Gary Giovane, Paul Blum,
Sallie Davis, Kate Richardson,
Nicolette Harrington, Charlotte S. Decker




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I'm really looking forward to the Spring Show! I love the environment and the range of art styles present. At every show, I see several pieces of work that I MUST have! This spring, I'll be exploring what Maggi Mason is offering.
-- Karen Deitrick, 3/2/22

Sylvia, your Spring Show is awesome! Truly lovely, as always.
-- Sallie Lynn Davis, 3/14/20

Absolutely love the gallery and your website is fantastic. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful art.
-- Karen Lyons, 4/28/19

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