For me, spring is finally here when your Spring Show opens. I look forward to visiting your lovely and joyful gallery all winter.
-- Dal Neitzel, 1/29/23

It was wonderful seeing you again Slyvia. The show is gorgeous as always. Spreading the word to those on Lopez. Hope to get back soon. Julia
-- Julia S Rust, 9/28/21

Please add me to your mailing list.
-- Jeanette Gulbronsen, 2/2/21

Lavonne Newell-Reim was my art teacher almost 50 years ago. I love her work.
-- Lindy L Doctor, 4/20/20

My favorite gallery- hands down- stunning location Great variety of artists Best pieces of our collection came from here
-- Julia S Rust, 11/19/19

Love the website and seeing the artwork that will be on display in the Spring show!
-- Jacquie Janzen, 3/13/19

Please add to liste for announcements & show openings. Thank you
-- C J, 1/24/19

My daughter and I discovered you a few years back on our way to La Conner. Thank you so much for your offerings. We came up on Saturday from Seattle and really appreciated the artists' works. I'm looking forward to spring, as my kitchen remodeling will be done and I will be shopping! I hope the artistic community stays strong in your area. Thanks! Joy Barton 9-25-2018
-- Joy Barton, 9/25/18

What a delight! Jennifer Bowman sent me a link to you gallery in an email today. I'm an artist and friends with both Jennifer and Brooke (who is coming over to paint with me tomorrow)! Glad to see your website and know more about you. Looks fantastic! is my website if you have a moment to take a peek. Thanks!
-- Joanne Shellan, 9/19/17

please add me to your mail list. I love Christine Troyer's work!
-- Janet Hamilton, 4/8/17

What a happy Fall show! And I love love love all the birds.
-- Carol, 9/30/15

Another great show. It is such a joy to view. Thank you for all your hard work.
-- Peggy Flockoi-olson, 3/21/15

Thoroughly enjoyed your Fall show.
-- Lynn Zimmerman, 9/28/14

Your Jewelry are awesome. very detailed. I love them all. and will tell all my friends about you.
-- Mike Hanson, 9/9/14

Absolutely usual!!! We have one of his (Gerald Johnson's) original pieces and consider it a great treasure. :)
-- Ron And Linda Macknight, 9/7/14

Kudos to Clayton for keepin' on keepin' on! Bravo!
-- Meg Kershaw, 4/2/14

I saw your place a few years ago, and it was such a beautiful place, full of wonderful paintings. So glad to see you flourishing! I'll make a point to come see you again.
-- Steph Mader, 1/31/14

I plan on visiting your gallery this Spring. Looking forward to it.
-- Megan Feeny, 2/20/13

Please send monthly newsletter. Thanks.
-- J. Norman Lee, 2/3/13

I enjoy your information, as I am also in it myself. Thank you.......Pien
-- Pien Ellis, 9/26/12

I was just spellbound to see your collections.Awesome paintings.
-- Simong Paul, 9/19/12

Love your show!!
-- Jennifer Bowman, 4/5/12

Hello Pien--it has been years since we have kept in touch--was able to get your e-mail through Liesbeth Armentrout who I see regularly. Keep and touch--Your art work is as beautiful as I remember--Best to Ron---My Best--Bruce
-- Bruce Winther, 11/20/11

Love your new website! I'm unable to come to this showing but I hope to see these artists again this summer. Send me the updates.
-- Alice Mckenzie, 10/6/11

I would like to receive the newsletter so I will know what is being sent out and so I can forward it to people that I think might be interested.
-- Marianna Metke, 9/23/11

-- Helga Waeman, 9/10/11

I would like the monthly newsletter.
-- Maggi Mason, 8/6/10

It was an honor to know Bert even for a brief time. His spirit lives on in his art and in the hearts and minds of those who knew him well.
-- Neva Drake, 4/24/10

Looking forward to see your gallery soon.
-- Marie-claire Dole, 4/8/10

Melissa MorganI love the idea and setting you have with the remodeled potting shed! What a great environment. Please send me info on artists requirements. I am from Woodinville, grew up in Bellingham, and would love to be in an exhibit of your. Please visit my website
-- Melissa Morgan, 12/15/09

Each show keeps getting better! Today's visit was such a pleasure.
-- Jerry Finn, 10/23/09

Best gallery in the Skagit Valley! Unique site!! You must see it!
-- Gail Thein, 1/20/09

We found the gallery this afternoon, thanks to the signs by the side of the road, and loved it. Please keep us posted about new shows. Barbara & Jerry Schneider
-- Barbara Schneider, 10/4/08

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